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Written by Summer Priest

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October 21, 2021

Have you heard of the 5 elements of health? Yeah neither had I until I had a conversation with Jimmy when he and Kaela started Movement Five.

Since then, I’ve been noticing how everything we do as humans relates back to these 5 dimensions. Have you ever felt out of balance, that something is just off? Its more than likely that you are not giving enough attention to one of these elements.

Using their passion for health and teaching, Movement Five introduces NDIS Participants to the five elements of health and shows them how they can achieve lifelong goals by putting these into practice.

I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Kaela and Jimmy to have a chat about the 5 elements of health and how they get to work with them every day.

Apologies in advance for my glasses still not being fixed LOOOOLLLL


The five dimensions of health

Kaela explains life like us having a cup that is being filled with water constantly. We cant let the cup overflow. Overflow equals overwhelm, anxiety, depression, suboptimal health.

We use the 5 dimensions of health to drain holes in the cup.

These dimensions work together, hand in hand. Neither one being more important than the other. Think about how you feel after training. Once you have smashed out that boxing session or lap around the sand dunes (my two fave things). Not only are you working on your physical health but it in turn brings up your mental health arming you up ready to tackle a day full of responsibilities.

Let me introduce you to the 5 dimensions of health as defined by Kaela at Movement Five.

Physical – The bodily aspect of our health. It is the more traditional definition of health and relates to the absence of disease and injury. When we think of our physical health we usually think of our fitness level, but it is more than this, it ranges on a continuum on one end of diseases and our optimum physical condition on the other.

Mental –  The cognitive aspect of health. It’s all about looking after our minds. Keeping us on top of ’emptying our cup’ to never let it overflow. This could include talking to friends, going for walks, exercising, journalling or planning your week to feel less stressed.


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Social– The ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships with others. Good social health includes not only having relationships but maintaining good social skills and learning how to act appropriately in group settings.

Emotional– Mood and general emotional state. Awareness of different emotions. The ability to recognise them, feel them and express them. It encompasses self-esteem as well as ability to maintain a realistic perspective.

Spiritual– Our sense of overall purpose in life, values and beliefs. Spiritual health shapes our belonging, who and what we feel most connected too. This could be people, religion, places or as community.

In life we can get so caught up on how we look or how people perceive us that we can miss out on so much of what life has to offer. We forgo so many things because we are so worried about staying true to this image that isn’t even who we really are. The amount of energy that is spent on this means that you miss out on doing things like seeing friends and having really deep knowing connections.  Once you drop this, this is when life really becomes fun and there is no pressure for you to pretend that you are something that you aren’t.

Jimmy and Kaela have to be two of the MOST laid back, easy going and hardworking people I have ever met. Its never not a good time when they are around. I’m so glad I get to call them not only clients but also mates!

You both should be so proud of what you are doing and the impact you are having on peoples lives. Your passion shines through and its inspiring to get to what you both create from the sidelines.

You will always have us in your corner.

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Life like us having a cup that is being filled with water constantly. We cant let the cup overflow. Overflow equals overwhelm, anxiety, depression, suboptimal health.


We use the 5 dimensions of health to drain holes in the cup.


Movement Five work with NDIS participants age 7 to 35 to teach the 5 dimensions of health and how they can be integrated into everyday life via their 5 services.

  • Personal Training – Physical Health
  • 1:1 Care
  • Social and Recreational Group Activities
  • Camps
  • Allied Health

To find out more about what Movement Five do, you can visit their website below.